Syndicate Venue


Rules Carp Arena

The rules are divided into 3 sections

  1. Respect for the environment
  2. Respect for the fish
  3. Respect for other fishermen
  1. Respect for the environment
    • It is not allowed to cut plants, trees, or reeds. If you are bothered by any kind of vegetation, please report it to the bailiff.
    • You may unload behind the site. After unloading, park only in the designated parking spaces. The road must always remain clear. No driving around between 21:00 and 08:00.
    • Should you leave the swim, you should always wind in your rods. Remove the bait from your hook so that animals cannot injure themselves.
    • Campfires and barbecues on the ground are prohibited. However, a barbecue on legs is allowed. Throw your ashes in the provided waste bin, not in nature!
    • Only green/camouflaged tents are allowed. They must be always set up within the borders of the swim.
    • Weapons of any kind (crossbows, bows or other similar equipment) are not allowed.
    • Climbing trees is strictly prohibited.
    • Swimming is prohibited.
    • Each angler is responsible for keeping and leaving his own swim clean. Smokers should use an ashtray.
    • Toilet and shower are available. Use of the toilet is compulsory.
  1. Respect for fish
    • Taking and/or moving of carp is always prohibited, no-kill is in force.
    • Tiger nuts and peanuts are forbidden, other particles (hemp, buckwheat and corn) are -allowed if soaked and cooked.
    • Maggots, worms, casters and other live bait are prohibited.
    • Unhooking mats, landing nets, weighing bags, slings, markers, water buckets and wound disinfection are provided. Do not bring your own attributes!
    • The use of a tripod for weighing fish is prohibited.
    • It is compulsory to unhook a fish in the water. If this is not possible from your boat, please disconnect the lead system’s underline. Boating with hooked fish and a connected lead system lead system is strictly prohibited.
    • Make sure all fins are flat against the body of the carp before lifting it out of the water, always put the carp back using the weighing bag. Should a fish have damage treat it with the wound disinfectants provided.
    • Always keep a fish wet while shooting on the shore. Provide a filled bucket of water.
    • Fish over 15kg must be unhooked and photographed in the water.
    • Bream and tench caught must be kept in the net (present at the swim).
    • Storage bags are not allowed, if any are found you will be asked to leave the site. Slings are provided. Make sure you have a camera with you with flash to take nice night pictures.
    • Only Micro barbs are allowed, this prevents unnecessary damage in the carp’s mouth.
    • These may cause damage in the mouth of the carp.
    • Use only fish-safe lead systems where the lead and fish can be released after line breakage.
    • Braided lines are allowed if combined with nylon or fluorocarbon shockleaders and a fish-safe system. Braided leaders are prohibited. Minimum mainline thickness 0.35mm for nylon/mono main lines.
    • Zigrigs are permitted, with a minimum line thickness of 0.30mm.
    • Leadcore, unleaded, freefall or other braided leaders no longer than 60cm.
    • 360┬░rig and automatic hook systems are prohibited.
    • Fishing in obstacles is not allowed.
    • There are regular checks. You may be asked to turn your rods in to check the safety of your end-tackle.

3. Respect for other anglers

    • Drug and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, if found you will be asked to leave.
    • You arrive on Saturday before 12.00, you leave your spot the following Saturday before 10.00. When you arrive later, please leave a signal on the fishery phone. (+32 484 60 89 51 )
    • Maximum 3 rods per angler, only fish from your own swim. Spod and marker rods may be rigged as extra rods for spod and marker purposes.
    • Dogs only allowed if leashed.
    • For film and photo purposes with a drone, permission must be given in advance by Embryo Europe HQ. Drones for flying out lines are not allowed.
    • The use of a boat is allowed. These are provided by Embryo Angling Habitats. Own boats are NOT allowed. Use of a boat is at your own risk. Life jacket is REQUIRED, using a wading suit in the boat is PROHIBITED.
    • The use of a bait boat is allowed. The boat must be bone dry before start of the session.
    • Do not seek the limits of your spot, be considerate of other anglers. In case of anti-social behaviour, you will be asked to leave.
    • Anglers under 18 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.
    • We want everyone to enjoy a nice holiday, please bear in mind that noise over the water carries far. Please keep the volume of music low and talk in a muffled voice.