Clover Lake

Price 790€

Per swim

16 Acres

3 Double swims

250 Carp

Lake record 60lb


Clover Lake

Clover is a mature, 16-acre clay/gravel pit located on the Carp Arena complex in Western Belgium, just across the French border only one hour from Calais. It has a proud history of producing huge Belgium beauties since the 1980’s. Originally it was reserved for the fortunate few and more recently has been extended to a wider audience. Embryo aims to take that further and give all nationalities the chance to fish this iconic super-water.

It is a truly beautiful place, enshrouded in mature trees with depths varying between 1 and 5 metres with an average of 3 metres. It has bays, an island, clear gravel and clay spots, overhangs and far margin spots and of course weed, which can get heavy in the late spring/early summer. Couple this with an impressive stock of almost 250 fish up to 60lbs with a fair number over 50lbs, it is aimed at the experienced angler who can deal with epic battles in weedy and snaggy conditions.

Rowing boats are supplied within the cost of hiring each swim to allow for baiting, rig placement and battles with carp. Remote boats are also allowed (but not supplied) out of respect for those anglers who rely on them for long range fishing which is necessary in half the swims. It is Embryo’s aim to acknowledge and respect all European anglers’ needs so our rules mirror the previous regime, with a few minor alterations.

All three swims are doubles and have all been completely refurbished. They are booked independently for one week at a time, using the individual tabs below. To book Clover exclusively for up to six anglers, simply add the same date on all three calendars to your cart before paying.

Existing customers will be impressed with the improvements Embryo have made with a brand new toilet and shower block, satellite toilets around the site, drinking water, fridge, freezer and battery charging stations, all at no extra cost. All tracks and swims have been enhanced and all Clover Lake anglers will be happy to know they can park directly behind their swims.

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