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The Carp Arena complex is located near the town of Comines-Warneton in Western Belgium, just over the French border only one hour from Calais.

The complex was made famous by its largest water Clover Mere which has been fished by the privileged few since the late 1980’s. More recently the lake has been opened to a wider audience and Embryo wishes to take that even further and give all nationalities the opportunity to fish this iconic super-water.

In recent years a second water, formerly called Bull Trap (now re-named Rose Mere) was opened as a fishery and Embryo have developed that further still, removing numerous snags and creating new swims to make the whole lake accessible.

Two other lakes on site have been transformed into beautiful, intimate, and interesting fisheries. Orchid Pool and Lilly Pool have never been commercially fished and already offer some fantastic fishing at very affordable prices.

It’s fair to say the complex was very basic so Embryo have upgraded it with high quality toilets and showers, along with mains power and running water. Existing swims have been remodelled to make them more ‘carpy’ with large flat areas for bivvies and new pontoons making boat work far more convenient and most importantly, safe.

Rowing boats are supplied as part of the costs and remote boats are also allowed to respect and honour the European styles of angling that have dominated the complex in recent years. The rules have been kept very close to those set by the owner Charles Deconinck to facilitate the smooth transition from the old regime to the new.

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